Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Today, in preparation for knife skills tomorrow, I took my Wüsthof blades to be engraved. Walking to the shop, kit in hand, I truly felt like the biz. Pretty sure i developed a chef swagger somewhere on Oxford Street. But, who wouldn't carrying this on their shoulder?

After choosing the swirliest font on offer, I awaited my knives. And here they are...

Waiting for the grand reveal


You will all be pleased to know my new cocky chef demeanor swiftly vanished when I was caught by the bigger kids taking photos of my knives in the locker room. What an amateur...

On the plus side, I get to test drive my new knives tomorrow, so wish me (and my fingers) luck!


  1. What exactly do you require a massive meat chopping knife for in bakery? New beef topped cakes perhaps?

  2. I think I'm pretty much going to have to take my standard eating cutlery for engraving. Hello knife envy.

  3. engraving makes the world a better place