Thursday, 31 May 2012

Claire and the Chocolate Factory

Move over Charlie, there's a new kid in town. Me. That is to say, I have a new job working as the assistant chocolatier for the wonderful Rococo Chocolates. For anyone who hasn't heard of the company, its a London based chocolatiers that has been running a staggering 29 years. It has a distinct slightly quirky style and, most importantly, makes really tasty chocolates. Basically, despite only having done one full days work for the company, I am very excited about working for them. Its great to be part of a small, passionate team working on many exciting projects whilst being completely surrounded by sweets treats at every corner.

Throughout college I was always excited about the chocolate modules, despite the inevitable blur of cocoa covered mess I produced. Now, after a bit of professional grooming,  my whites are definitely a lot more white when they leave the kitchen than ever before and my new chef promises to iron out the last few stubborn messy wrinkles that remain. I'm sure in no time my whites will remain at a level that even Daz couldn't beat.

For now, rest assured that my days will be filled with ganache, marshmallow, caramalised nuts, chocolate cats and the biggest tubs of edible shimmer I have ever seen. Its a tough life..