Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Does the lady have legs?

Today our grooming continued with the first of our wine tasting classes.  We were taught about the wine making process, various wine regions in France and their regulations and finally how to test and taste wine, spitting optional.

Several glasses of white and red later and I was still unable to recognise any of the 2000 possible smells, except of course alcohol, and became increasingly perplexed as students began to pick out supposed undercurrents of fresh leather and liquorice. On the plus side we got to drink some top wines and nibble on some bread for a few hours.  Perhaps with a little practise my conclusions will develop from "crisp and fruity" to the more poetic offerings from our teacher. Just need a steady supply of nice french wines..

By the end of the class, when asked "does the lady have legs?" (a test for a good Bordeaux) the answer was, surely, no. Well, not after an afternoon of taste testing.

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