Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day One

Friday was a glorious day. It was my first day school and the begining of what will hopefully be my career. The school is in Marylebone which Wikipedia assures me is an " affluent, inner-city area of central London", and indeed it is. The highstreet boasts many boutique-esque shops and pâtisseries, and tucked away on 114 Marylebone Lane painted in the signiture blue and white is LCB.

As we entered we were told our classes for the term (BP-D) and sent to meet our classmates in various rooms that were laden with breakfast pastrys to indulge in. From here we began our introductory tour of the school from one of the teaching chefs.

The rest of the day I spend in an odd state of overwhelmed bliss. Without sounding too mushy, I just felt so lucky to be there. This is it - Patisserie school.

To add to this, we were given so many goodies that I could barely carry them all. List to include a beautiful set of knives and kitchen equippment, a sack of chef uniform and my bible for next 3 months - term ones course manual. 

Throughout were given a lot of information about timetables, regulations, saftey and told about the great prospects that potentially lay ahead of us if we put our heads down and worked for it. 

So a year of hardwork begins here. But with a curriculem that includes "a brief history of ice cream" who's complaining? Certainly not me.

P.S. Check out the toilets.


  1. I love how the history of ice cream is so extensive that the curriculum can only briefly touch on it.

  2. Awww I want to learn about the brief history of ice cream yum yum.... I'll help you revise if I get to keep the revision notes!