Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year, New Post

Its been a long time since I even logged on to my blog, let alone posted. But its a new year, and probably time for a brief update. At the end of this month I will of been working at the Mandarin for 8 months as a real adult person, with a real job, cooking food that people are willing to part with money for.  I've worked on breakfast, room service, afternoon tea and banqueting. Had a promotion from a commis to a demi, started work at 4am, baked cookies for celebrity rappers, burnt myself a horrific amount, learnt about how to work in a professional kitchen: writing lists, delegating jobs and being organised.  Somewhere along the lines, I have started working in a way that doesn't leave a trail of destruction behind me. Although my chef is probably still dreaming of the day he arrives to find me with a clean apron. Basically, amongst all the hard work, I've had a ball. Made friends, learnt new skills and worked on some exciting events. At the risk of sounding smug, its exactly what I hoped it would be.  Thats not to say there haven't been days when I've thrown a hissy fit because somebodies accidentally burnt my scones, or talked my boyfriends ear off about some mislabeled creme brulees. And there was a time, when there were only 3 of us running the Pastry kitchen where I basically lived there. But overall, I am one happy girl.

I have to head to work in an hour, so its probably about time I got up and showered. But in the mean time, here are a few snaps I've sneaked on my phone.

My First afternoon tea function

All the burns

Carved watermelon

Current afternoon tea pastries

Evening Ameneties

Dessert Canapes

Table of treats

I'll try not to leave it so long next time.


  1. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog. What made you want to go into baking professionally after college?

  2. Hi Jon! sorry I didnt notice your comment until now. Hope you've enjoyed the blog. I think the simple answer is because there is no other job I could see myself doing and loving as much as this. College taught me all the basics but working to bake/ create was always my end goal