Friday, 28 January 2011

Lost in the post

If "The Social Network" attempted to teach us one lesson it was "don't blog when angry".  There is nothing quite like the Post Office to rile us Brits and so it goes without saying that after spending half the morning trying to track down a missing parcel I'm not in the best frame of mind. As a result, I'm going to keep this one as sweet and short as possible.

This weeks recipes were: a celebration cake (fruit cake), a Savarin and a Fraisier cake. The fruit cake we made was to be soaked in alcohol, wrapped up tight and left till the end of term to decorate. The Savarin is an another alcohol soaked cake which is a bit like a Rum baba - not really to my taste. The final cake is one of potential exam dishes and is a very girly layered strawberry cake, decorated with pink marzipan, roses and swirly piping. It also has a healthy dosing of alcohol thrown in the mix.

Selection of Savarin

Pretty in pink


This week our practicals were split into two 3 hour sessions again, with a technichal class inbetween. Finishing off the Fraisier I was again reminded that I really need to practise my piping and writing skills which currently more closely resemble a note scrawled by a 13-year old boy in a maths class than a cake topping. My marzipan rose was looking a lot healthier than back in basic, but still too much on the carnation side for my liking. 

I'm off to get a brew, make a banoffee pie and, if that doesnt cheer me up, write a stern letter of complaint. I know, fiesty. 

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